F.A.Q. Page 5

  • Is Blackbeard For Men tested on animals?
No. Blackbeard for Men has never, ever, and will never, test our product on animals. Even our Blackbeard for Men beard Brush is 100% vegan. (Many beard brushes use boar hair.)

  • Does Blackbeard For Men contain PFAS ("Forever Chemicals")?
Nope! 82% of waterproof mascaras contain these chemicals, which can stay in the body forever and potentially cause long-term issues (for example, Teflon is a well-known one). But Blackbeard for Men contains no PFAS 🙂 This from the US Food and Drug Administration: “Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a class of man-made chemicals, which includes PFOA, PFOS, and GenX. These chemicals can bioaccumulate in bodies over time and have been linked to cancer, thyroid disease, liver damage, decreased fertility, and hormone disruption.”