F.A.Q. Page 4

  • What are the benefits of using Blackbeard For Men?
Look younger instantly! Users of Blackbeard for Men report chopping a decade or more off their appearance in seconds. Check out our before and after pix and see for yourself!

Self-confidence. Proceed boldly, knowing that the world perceives you as younger and more dynamic. You only live once. Make the most of it! With Blackbeard for Men, you’ll know that the world perceives you differently – better, stronger, faster.

Be more attractive. Why does having a thicker, fuller grayless beard make you more attractive? Because we perceive “greybeards” as old, and old equals tired and simply less desirable than new. Maybe it’s a psychological trick, but Blackbeard for Men users do consistently report being perceived as “more attractive.”

More opportunities for employment/advancement. Unfortunately, ageism is very real. In many fields, youth is valued while age and experience are treated with derision. If you’re looking for a job and you have a gray mustache or beard, unless you’re at the executive level, the deck is heavily stacked against you. Blackbeard for Men helps you even up the odds.

  • If you wash your face, will it come off? Does it stain your skin?

Blackbeard for Men be water-resistant. So if ye wash gently, it should stay on pretty well. However, if ye scrub hard with soap and water, it will come off.

It is also resistant, but not impervious, to rub-off. In other words, if you blow your nose with a tissue or wipe your face with a napkin, it should hold pretty well. But if you wipe hard, it will come off.

Blackbeard for Men does not stain your skin like, for example, a permanent marker. It will color skin if you apply it there, but it is only surface-deep, and you will always be able to remove it completely if ye want. This makes it very effective at filling gaps.

  • Is Blackbeard For Men good for stubble beard?
Aye! Recommend wiping off most of the product on the lip of the bottle and then apply using the side of the brush, very lightly. Then use a tissue or beard brush to tamp the color down and blend as necessary to create an overall stubble look that also fills gaps.