F.A.Q. Page 2

  • Will Blackbeard For Men Rub Off?

We’ve designed Blackbeard for Men Formula X to be resistant to smudging, so you can wipe your mouth with a napkin while eating and not worry about wiping away all the product. That said, a certain amount of Blackbeard for Men will fade or could wipe off with aggressive rubbing or face-washing.

Blackbeard for Men is not permanent color like dye and does begin to fade after appx. 8 hours wear (or more.) It may be wise to carry a bottle around for touch-ups as needed, just in case. Certain activities produce more wear and tear on the product. For example, surfing – after being out in the sun and salt water for a few hours, your Blackbeard for Men will have faded a bit (but will still look natural.)

Note that Blackbeard for Men may stain some fabrics. Wash with soap and cold water. Wash it off completely in the shower or else some residue may rub off on your towel after a shower. And wash it off before bed if you use light-colored sheets.

  • Will my friends know i'm using Blackbeard For Men?
No. When applied properly, Blackbeard for Men looks absolutely natural. Some friends may not even realize how your appearance has changed. They may stare at you for a while trying to figure out what’s up, but may not even be able to put their finger on the difference!

  • How long will a bottle of Blackbeard For Men last?
For the average user (well-trimmed mustache & goatee beard and sideburns) one bottle of Blackbeard for Men Formula X lasts approximately 4 weeks with average use, when used every day. Users with a fuller or longer beard will obviously use more product. For best results with Blackbeard for Men, we recommend neatly groomed to moderate facial hair growth. Unfortunately, you guys with Grizzly Adams or ZZ Top-style beards, Blackbeard for Men is not for you. Individual results will vary (greatly!)